The Day that we found out…

It was February 23rd. I stayed home from work because my stomach wasn’t feeling good for the past few days. I was already six day’s late and decided to take a pregnancy test. In nine years of marriage, my cycles have never been the same and I have taken at least 30 tests before just to make sure I wasn’t pregnant. I taught myself not to get too excited and then disappointed when the test shows up negative.

Expecting to see another negative result, I was shocked to see a second line appearing on the pregnancy test. I picked it up and started staring at the line to see if it gets darker. The line got darker. I was shocked. Could this be true? Can the test be wrong? Can I tell Vitaliy now or should I wait? Questions raced through my mind.

I decided to call Vitaliy because I didn’t know what to do with my shock. He was driving home from the pet store.

“Honey, are you still at the pet store?”
“No, I’m on my way home. Did you need something?”
“No. Um….I just took a pregnancy test, because I’m six days late. And, it is positive!”
“What?!” “You tell me while I’m driving?!
“Yes, I’m just as shocked as you are and couldn’t wait to call you.”

So, that is kind-of the conversation we had. He came home, he was thrilled and we were just in shock for that first day.

February 23rd is a day that men are celebrated in Russia – and I think Vitaliy got the best present he could have ever gotten on such a day. 🙂


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