Our First Ultrasound

We had our first ultrasound on March 30th! I was very nervous because my appointment was with a male OBGYN, and I have never had a male OBGYN before. Usually, a woman can see any doctor she wants, but during pregnancy she has to see all of the doctors, because any one of them could be delivering the baby. Therefore, I had to just suck it up and face the male doctor.
Vitaliy kept talking during our drive over to the appointment, but all I could think of is I can’t wait for this appointment to be over. At the same time, I wanted to treasure the first ultrasound, but the fear of having a male doctor was driving me nuts.
The doctor came in, he was in his late forties and was very talkative. He proceeded immediately to do a vaginal ultra-sound, but then he stopped and said I have to go pee first, because my bladder is in the way of seeing things clearly. I was embarrassed but tried not to show it in any way. I quickly ran to the bathroom, while Vitaliy stayed in the room to chat with the doctor.
I came back and we started the ultrasound again. I started seeing what looked like a jelly bean on the monitor. Inside the jelly bean (which is really the uterus) was the big head of our baby and a tiny body. The doctor turned on the volume and we started to hear extremely fast whooshing sounds. “That’s your baby’s heartbeat,” the doctor said.
That moment was exciting and heart warming, beyond belief. Vitaliy and I had huge grins on our faces. The doctor started to measure the baby from head to rump (butt) and said that our new due date is October 31, 2010. Halloween.
For those of you who know me, you know how much I despise Halloween. I couldn’t help but hope that our baby will be born either a little early or a little late, any day but Halloween. Some of you may not understand why I would feel that way…so I will explain a little.
Imagine going to the grocery store to buy your baby some birthday cake and balloons, but everything sold is either covered in monsters, skeletons, or spiders. All the candy and decorations sold at the time will be Halloween themed. Instead of your child’s friends coming over for a nice birthday party, the children will all be going “trick-or-treating.”
Overall, Halloween is a horrible spooky holiday and I don’t want my child’s birthday to be associated with it. Does this make sense?
I’ve been calmed down by several people who said that the first child is NEVER born on the due date. I’m sure counting on this to be true!
I haven’t heard Vitaliy give any opinion about our child being born on Halloween. I think all he really wants right now is for us to have a baby boy! He’s even picked out a name if we have a boy. The name is a secret for now…

3 thoughts on “Our First Ultrasound

  1. I wish I could hear my grand baby's heart beats too! I am so exited with you too! Praise God for this wonderful gift! Welcome my second grandson or a granddaughter, I am so eager to see you and hold you in my hands!

  2. Aww.. what a perfect little baby you have! It's so normal to have the nervous feelings. Regarding the birthday, yes, you will probably note be having a baby on Halloween. But if you do, think of it as no longer being Halloween, but instead being your baby's birthday. The day you become a mother. It will have new meaning. A lot of other people share the day as a birthday. Don't worry about it, you have happier things to think about! 🙂

  3. Hey, IF the baby is born on October 31st, he or she will share their birthday w/ their uncle… vitaliys brother Andrey…. right?I really wish i was there with you to experience all these exciting news! Miss you guys!

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