It’s now October 29th (two days to our due date), and no sign of Abigail’s desire to come into this world. Well, let me rephrase that…there are signs, but no definite action. I’ve lost 3 lbs of fluid from my swollen legs, my stomach has been very upset lately, and my back has been hurting a lot – all signs of early labor coming. For the past three days we’ve been hoping that she would come, but it looks like none of these early labor signs are triggering contractions.

I must say, I’m getting so tired of being pregnant – but, mostly, I think I’m just impatient because I want to meet my little baby. I’m afraid of just going about my daily tasks as usual, because I may be too tired for labor if I were to start contractions. Am I being unreasonable? Sure, treating each day like a normal day would make the time pass by faster – but then I tend to overwork myself and will be exhausted if I were to go into labor.
What a dilemma…
I have to decide if I’m going to start doing things tomorrow, or continue my lazy days of rest. It is so boring to rest. Really, how much rest can any one person handle?
Letter to my baby:
ABIGAIL, darling, mommy and daddy are ready to meet you. 🙂 I know you’re enjoying your time in my comfy and warm womb, but trust me – we will take good care of you and love you dearly when you come out.

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  1. Katya,Definitely be going about your daily things. In fact if you want to go into labor you should be doing more moving around than usual, like taking long walks is recommended. You need to be moving around for Abigail to start feeling like she is getting too small for that space! Do not worry about being tired for labor, a whole new set of endorphins and hormones kick in and you will be surprised at the excitement and energy you will have when you actually go into labor, its God unique design! I went into labor both times during the night and was always wide awake even during the next day, its too exciting to sleep.On another note, I was about 5 days over due with my second even though my first was 5 days early, and a lot of women I know have been over on their due dates in the recent years, I think over all the way those are estimated is becoming a little out dated because women are taking such better care of them selves while pregnant and most seems like are ending up over due, I totally can relate with you about just wanting labor to start, but I would strongly recommend getting a good book and keeping yourself distracted and active.God bless!

  2. Olya, thanks for the advice and reassuring comments. 🙂 I'm planning on heading out for a walk with Vitaliy, as soon as he's finished with his current task. Mama, thank you for the prayers.

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