It’s Been A Long Time Coming – what finally pushed us to switch to a gluten free lifestyle.

I’ve been contemplating the switch for almost a year.   I was scared.   Scared that I would have absolutely no idea what to cook.  Scared that I would fail because my family won’t be on the same page.   Scared that it would take an unbelievable amount of time to do the research and prepare.

What am I talking about, you ask?   I’m talking about going gluten-free.  My friend Anya D has been educating me on the benefits of going gluten free for about a year now, but I’ve just been too intimidated by the whole thing.   I was also afraid of going “off-the-wagon” because my family would likely not eat gluten free.  

The reason I was even considering the switch to gluten free, is because of all my medical issues.   I have been suffering from: Insulin resistance, severe scalp dermatitis, GERD, upset stomach, weight issues and so much more, for years now.   In fact the past month my stomach has been hurting me so much, that I have been considering going to see a specialist.

This weekend, I called my brother and his lovely wife (Mr. & Mrs. Engel) for a long-overdue video-call.   We caught up, and as we were discussing Thanksgiving plans, they broke the news that they went gluten free!   I was amazed and shocked at the same time.   They must be so brave to make the switch so quickly, I though.   We discussed why they made the switch, and they gave me a link to an easy to understand video to educate myself more on going gluten-free.  

My husband surprised me even more that night – he said that we should all go gluten-free as a family!   This was huge!   I was stoked and immediately started cleaning out all of our cabinets of gluten-containing foods and pantry items.

So, this is how we finally made the jump to gluten free living.   I must admit, I’m still scared.   But you can’t have reward without risk.

Join me, as I plan on sharing my family’s journey through this new lifestyle.   I plan to share lessons learned, educational links, recipes, and struggles and successes.  

Here is the video that I watched and recommend:


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