Easier than I thought it would be…

It has been two weeks since we started our gluten free journey.  
I must say it was easier than I had expected it to be.

What I’ve realized most recently, is that it’s important to talk to positive people about this journey.   I’ve talked to people who were very negative about being gluten free – and it made me feel almost as if I have a big disability and my life is “sad.”

The fact is, we are choosing to eat healthier.   We can still eat a huge variety of different foods and feel completely satisfied.   In the past two weeks, I have went to lunch and attended events where fresh baked bread and pastries were served – and I didn’t feel the urge to have “just a bite.”   I’m positive that this is because I know that it will hurt me and that I’m choosing to eat better for my family and for me.

Given that I’m very new to this journey, I figured it would be good to chronicle the lessons learned and the tips I have to share.   I found benefits so far and a few downsides.

The benefits that I have noticed:
– My stomach has not been feeling bloated.   I’ve had a problem with a bloated stomach and sharp pains for as long as I can remember, and on a daily basis for the past few months.   But after day two of being gluten free – my bloating has disappeared.
– We are eating healthier, mainly because we have gotten rid of all sweets and processed food.   We are eating veggies and fruit and lean meats mainly.
– I have dropped 5 lbs in the first week and kept it off in the second week.   Although I’m not doing this with the sole purpose of losing weight, I do hope that this lifestyle will come with the benefit of weight loss.

The issues we have faced so far:
– We are getting bored with our menu on some days, so I need to look up more easy meals that have variety.
– You cannot just grab a bite to eat from any fast food place if you didn’t have time to prepare a meal.   This can be a positive outcome though, because we won’t be eating just and are forced to really think about what we eat.
– Gluten free foods like bread and pasta cost more.   For a family that is on a strict budget – that has presented a bit of a challenge.  However, I am confident that I can make this work with our budget – especially if we focus more on eating fresh veggies and making light meals such as soups.

Do you have any amazing recipes to share?   Do you have any tips for a newbie?  Please comment on this blog and share your thoughts.   Also, if you’d like to be notified of my new posts, please make sure to subscribe to this blog.

By the way, my brother and his wife are writing an interesting and educational blog about gluten free living.   They also posted a link to an upcoming seminar on gluten: http://glutenlite.wordpress.com


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