Here we go! Day one of what could be a long 30 days.

Today is the day.  The day that I have officially started my green smoothie challenge.   I am struggling with health issues and with my weight, and I feel so desperate that I actually started considering bariatric surgery again.   When I realized that I was considering the bariatric surgery again – I knew I had to do something drastic.   I’ve considered doing a 30 day green smoothie cleanse ever since I watched the “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” documentary. For the past few months my family has been gluten-free and that has gone great, but I’ve noticed that I’m not loosing any weight because of the carb heavy diet we are doing (potatoes, rice, corn…).   We try not to buy any processed gluten-free food except for a slice of GF bread once in a while, but I am still not seeing any change besides the fact that I no longer get bloated or have sharp stomach pains. I don’t think I’ve given you all an update on how I did with the gluten-free way of life.  So, why don’t I start there and then (in a future blog) go into why I decided I need to do a green smoothie cleanse. After day three on being gluten-free, I noticed that my stomach was doing much better.  No more bloating, no more sharp pains when I ate – I felt great.  I even dropped five lbs in the first week.   However, the weight loss did not continue as I had hoped.   It was actually quite easy for me to avoid eating the pastries that were brought in at work, and the sandwiches served at lunch during a meeting.   I felt like I just couldn’t even consider those foods because my body did not tolerate them. A few weeks ago, we attended my grandmother’s 80th birthday party.  I started to feed my starving 14-month-old son a few “kotletki” – they are like mini chicken meatloaf that is fried in oil.   I had a few bites also, and then I realized that the recipe always calls for bread to be put into the ground meat mixture.   Since I had reintroduced gluten to my body that night…I decided to go all out and enjoy some of the dessert as well.   I figured I might as well see if gluten does have any true side effects on my body.   I felt ok at first, but I noticed that my stomach was quite bloated the next day and I was having sharp pains again.   I tested the theory again a week later, and had the same result.   Therefore, I came to the conclusion that I do, in fact, have a gluten sensitivity and will be keeping our family on the gluten-free lifestyle for the time being. Coming up…my 30 day Detox challenge – Can I really do it?!


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