Answering green smoothie questions


I decided to write this post because a lot of you are asking me questions on Facebook, and it’s just easier for me to answer all the questions in one area for others to reference later.   Please feel free to send me more questions and I will try to answer them all.

Today is day 26 of my Green Smoothie challenge.  I am down a total of 25.5 lbs as of this morning and I can’t wait for the next four days to be over!  J  So, here it goes with the questions I’ve received:

What do I put in my Green Smoothies?

I alternate the ingredients.  Here is the basic structure of all my smoothies:   ½ Greens & ½ Fruit + water.    I’ve started adding flax seeds and chia seeds to my smoothies after the first two weeks – for extra calories and nutrients.

A note on Greens:

You want to make sure to alternate your greens.  Don’t do only spinach, or only kale.  I mainly buy the Organic power blend bag of greens from Costco and use that.  Some days I also add parsley, dill, mustard greens, and whatever other greens I find on sale at Sprouts.  Try to always use organic greens.

A note on the Fruit:

Always add a soluble fiber to your smoothie to make it smooth and easier to drink.  Examples are: banana, mango, avocado.   I try to use mainly organic fruit.   On most days I add a banana, apple, and then I alternate between berries, mangos, pineapple and citrus fruit.

What size in liters or ounces and how much of all the ingredients listed above do I put in the blender?

I have not actually measured how many ounces I get in one pitcher – but it’s close to 52oz I believe.   There were days when my smoothie did not have enough calories (no avocado or flax seeds) and I had to make a little extra to get me through the day.   I tried not to drink anything after 7pm (there were maybe a couple of days that I drank after 7pm).

These are the approximate amounts I put in my smoothie: 

Greens – Four big handfuls (I stuff my blender to the top)
Water – I pour 3 cups of water over the greens and blend them up first.  Then I add the fruit.
Apple – 1
Banana – 1
Berries – 1 cup
Avocado – 1 (I started adding this later, as I noticed I was not getting enough calories)
Chia seeds – 1 tbsp.
Flax seeds (ground) – 1 tbsp.
Everything else I just add without measuring.

How many times a day do I drink the smoothies?

I make a big (full) Vitamix pitcher in the morning, and I drink it throughout the day.   Try to drink at least every two hours so that your metabolism doesn’t slow down and drink herbal tea and water in between.  You should have at least 64oz of liquids in the day.

Is this the only thing I am eating for the next 30 days?

Yes.  I made a goal to get healthy and to detox.  I planned to do it for 30 days.  You do not have to go to this extreme – you can just replace one or two meals per day with a green smoothie – and you will still have good results.

One final note, try to make your smoothies around 800 calories for the day.   Don’t go over 1200, but try not to go under 800.  I made that mistake early on and I’m a bit worried that it could have slowed down my metabolism.   


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