Don’t Jump In!

I made the big mistake of stopping my 30 day detox abruptly this weekend.   I jumped into eating regularly, and my stomach was NOT happy with me!

Let me begin from the start.   On Saturday, I was on day 27 of my detox, but I had decided that I had enough and that I would allow myself a cheat – I had 1/2 of a tamale and a gluten free coconut muffin.   I felt ok at first.   On Sunday, i was up by 2 lbs from my “cheat” and that totally bummed me out.   Despite my well-meaning plans to do only smoothies that day, my self-pity got my husband to agree that I could end early and then figure out a new plan to continue with my weight-loss goals.   So…I had oatmeal for breakfast, and then I had some buffalo wings and chicken nachos during the super bowl game.   Oh, and a latte.   I had bombarded my body with salt, spices, and caffeine!

An hour after eating the nachos and chicken, my stomach felt like I had swallowed a rock.   I started getting heartburn and felt nauseous.   I was feeling pretty crappy all evening, even though I had not eaten anything after 5pm.

Lo and behold – I am up another 3.5 lbs this morning!  Now I KNOW that I did not eat 5.5 lbs of food in the past two days, so most of this has to be water retention. But, I’m still terribly upset about it.

Guess what?  I’m back on smoothies only today.  My stomach feels terrible and I’m still nauseous.   I will have to figure out a better plan to transition to eating a balanced diet.   In the meantime, I plan on sticking to smoothies and maybe allow myself a healthy meal or snack once in a while.

I’ve started reading the “Reboot with Joe” juicing book this weekend, and I hope that it will help me figure out how to continue to lose weight and how to transition to clean eating.


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