Don’t Jump In!

I made the big mistake of stopping my 30 day detox abruptly this weekend.   I jumped into eating regularly, and my stomach was NOT happy with me!

Let me begin from the start.   On Saturday, I was on day 27 of my detox, but I had decided that I had enough and that I would allow myself a cheat – I had 1/2 of a tamale and a gluten free coconut muffin.   I felt ok at first.   On Sunday, i was up by 2 lbs from my “cheat” and that totally bummed me out.   Despite my well-meaning plans to do only smoothies that day, my self-pity got my husband to agree that I could end early and then figure out a new plan to continue with my weight-loss goals.   So…I had oatmeal for breakfast, and then I had some buffalo wings and chicken nachos during the super bowl game.   Oh, and a latte.   I had bombarded my body with salt, spices, and caffeine!

An hour after eating the nachos and chicken, my stomach felt like I had swallowed a rock.   I started getting heartburn and felt nauseous.   I was feeling pretty crappy all evening, even though I had not eaten anything after 5pm.

Lo and behold – I am up another 3.5 lbs this morning!  Now I KNOW that I did not eat 5.5 lbs of food in the past two days, so most of this has to be water retention. But, I’m still terribly upset about it.

Guess what?  I’m back on smoothies only today.  My stomach feels terrible and I’m still nauseous.   I will have to figure out a better plan to transition to eating a balanced diet.   In the meantime, I plan on sticking to smoothies and maybe allow myself a healthy meal or snack once in a while.

I’ve started reading the “Reboot with Joe” juicing book this weekend, and I hope that it will help me figure out how to continue to lose weight and how to transition to clean eating.


Answering green smoothie questions


I decided to write this post because a lot of you are asking me questions on Facebook, and it’s just easier for me to answer all the questions in one area for others to reference later.   Please feel free to send me more questions and I will try to answer them all.

Today is day 26 of my Green Smoothie challenge.  I am down a total of 25.5 lbs as of this morning and I can’t wait for the next four days to be over!  J  So, here it goes with the questions I’ve received:

What do I put in my Green Smoothies?

I alternate the ingredients.  Here is the basic structure of all my smoothies:   ½ Greens & ½ Fruit + water.    I’ve started adding flax seeds and chia seeds to my smoothies after the first two weeks – for extra calories and nutrients.

A note on Greens:

You want to make sure to alternate your greens.  Don’t do only spinach, or only kale.  I mainly buy the Organic power blend bag of greens from Costco and use that.  Some days I also add parsley, dill, mustard greens, and whatever other greens I find on sale at Sprouts.  Try to always use organic greens.

A note on the Fruit:

Always add a soluble fiber to your smoothie to make it smooth and easier to drink.  Examples are: banana, mango, avocado.   I try to use mainly organic fruit.   On most days I add a banana, apple, and then I alternate between berries, mangos, pineapple and citrus fruit.

What size in liters or ounces and how much of all the ingredients listed above do I put in the blender?

I have not actually measured how many ounces I get in one pitcher – but it’s close to 52oz I believe.   There were days when my smoothie did not have enough calories (no avocado or flax seeds) and I had to make a little extra to get me through the day.   I tried not to drink anything after 7pm (there were maybe a couple of days that I drank after 7pm).

These are the approximate amounts I put in my smoothie: 

Greens – Four big handfuls (I stuff my blender to the top)
Water – I pour 3 cups of water over the greens and blend them up first.  Then I add the fruit.
Apple – 1
Banana – 1
Berries – 1 cup
Avocado – 1 (I started adding this later, as I noticed I was not getting enough calories)
Chia seeds – 1 tbsp.
Flax seeds (ground) – 1 tbsp.
Everything else I just add without measuring.

How many times a day do I drink the smoothies?

I make a big (full) Vitamix pitcher in the morning, and I drink it throughout the day.   Try to drink at least every two hours so that your metabolism doesn’t slow down and drink herbal tea and water in between.  You should have at least 64oz of liquids in the day.

Is this the only thing I am eating for the next 30 days?

Yes.  I made a goal to get healthy and to detox.  I planned to do it for 30 days.  You do not have to go to this extreme – you can just replace one or two meals per day with a green smoothie – and you will still have good results.

One final note, try to make your smoothies around 800 calories for the day.   Don’t go over 1200, but try not to go under 800.  I made that mistake early on and I’m a bit worried that it could have slowed down my metabolism.   

Here we go! Day one of what could be a long 30 days.

Today is the day.  The day that I have officially started my green smoothie challenge.   I am struggling with health issues and with my weight, and I feel so desperate that I actually started considering bariatric surgery again.   When I realized that I was considering the bariatric surgery again – I knew I had to do something drastic.   I’ve considered doing a 30 day green smoothie cleanse ever since I watched the “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” documentary. For the past few months my family has been gluten-free and that has gone great, but I’ve noticed that I’m not loosing any weight because of the carb heavy diet we are doing (potatoes, rice, corn…).   We try not to buy any processed gluten-free food except for a slice of GF bread once in a while, but I am still not seeing any change besides the fact that I no longer get bloated or have sharp stomach pains. I don’t think I’ve given you all an update on how I did with the gluten-free way of life.  So, why don’t I start there and then (in a future blog) go into why I decided I need to do a green smoothie cleanse. After day three on being gluten-free, I noticed that my stomach was doing much better.  No more bloating, no more sharp pains when I ate – I felt great.  I even dropped five lbs in the first week.   However, the weight loss did not continue as I had hoped.   It was actually quite easy for me to avoid eating the pastries that were brought in at work, and the sandwiches served at lunch during a meeting.   I felt like I just couldn’t even consider those foods because my body did not tolerate them. A few weeks ago, we attended my grandmother’s 80th birthday party.  I started to feed my starving 14-month-old son a few “kotletki” – they are like mini chicken meatloaf that is fried in oil.   I had a few bites also, and then I realized that the recipe always calls for bread to be put into the ground meat mixture.   Since I had reintroduced gluten to my body that night…I decided to go all out and enjoy some of the dessert as well.   I figured I might as well see if gluten does have any true side effects on my body.   I felt ok at first, but I noticed that my stomach was quite bloated the next day and I was having sharp pains again.   I tested the theory again a week later, and had the same result.   Therefore, I came to the conclusion that I do, in fact, have a gluten sensitivity and will be keeping our family on the gluten-free lifestyle for the time being. Coming up…my 30 day Detox challenge – Can I really do it?!